We can implement a new concept Motor and Actuator to optimize customer system with simulation and quick prototype verification by CAD & CAE , and 3D Printer Sample in-house Proto Shop Facilities and Test Lab.
Compact and Precise DC and BLDC Motor with Gear Units, Sensors, Electronics Control and Software adapting to specific customer system requirements


  • Quieter & Smaller
  • Lightweight & Efficiency
  • Sensors & Electronics
  • Electric Brake


  • Motor & Gear Units
  • E-Brake & Sensor
  • Motor Driver
  • System Integration


  • CAE Analysis
  • Pre-Validated Technology
  • Total System Solution
  • Module Improvements

MARS engineers have more than 20 years of experience in motor, actuator design, development, testing and production, so they have the ability to fully review and address any customer's requirements.

MARS is equipped with manufacturing facilities such as motors, actuators, sensors, etc., enabling R&D for any customer's product to be designed, manufactured and verified.